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How I Achieved This Afro-Puff-Rolls with my TWA 😊

12:05Lade Ibikunle

Hello natural hair lovers! lets't talk about this gorg Afro Puff Rolls (that's what i'm calling it) I created.
As you already know if you are a natural hair girl, styling can be a big headache. You might have even broken a few few combs while at it (kpele). And there's also the problem of what style to make with your TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), Medium or Full hair. My hair is just 7 months old and can be categorized under TWA in terms of length and trust me, when it comes to styling, I get frustrated. But on this fateful night, I thought about making this style (that's usuall for long hair) and I nailed it, at least that's what the compliments I got said.
So here's one extra style to to add to your repertoire of styles as a naturalista.  Just follow these simple steps after the cut

Step 1
Oil your hair with Shea butter (can be any other moisturizer), coconut oil and some leave-in-conditioner. 

Step 2
Please this step is HIGHLY OPTIONAL as some people don't like heat on their hair
Section your hair into large chunks and straighten it with your straightener. The iron was barely hot when I straightened mine. I just added this step to easily manipulate my hair. If u must do this step, make sure u use some heat protector.

Step 3
Use an elastic band to create a puff to your desired size.

Step 4
Section the middle part of your Puff in tiny bits and work it into#BENDY ROLLERS Yep u heard right, bending rollers. Then leave overnight.

Image result for bendy rollers png
Bendy Rollers
Step 5
The next morning,  just remove the rollers, fluff your hair a little without disturbing the rolls, lay your edges with Eco Styler gel or any other styling gel you have and Viola!

Your hair is served. Pretty easy right?  See more pictures below and
share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. I love this style so much!
    I should try doing it one of these days; wasn't sure if my hair could achieve the look.
    well done!

    1. thank you so much.
      Pls try the style and feel free to tag me when you do. Would really love to see it.
      Love your blog!!!


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