In The Spirit of 'Change'

10:28Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys, I know I've been MIA of late. I'm soooooo sorry about that. Trust me, It's for the best.

I've been on leave the past 3 weeks (oh by the way, I work as a copywriter at Centrespread advertising agency at Anthony, here in Lagos) and over the course of my leave, I've had to rethink how I want the blog to look like going forward. I mean. I've had the this blog for a little over a year now bringing basically everything news and talk-worthy and garnering over 100, 000 viewership for which owe you guys big THANK YOU. But it's time for a little CHANGE.

Don't worry guys, It's not a drastic change, I just want to re-focus the blog a little and give it a voice of it's own. Call it specializing or carving a niche, you're right. So after much deliberation and taking into consideration what I am truly interested and won't have a problem blogging about, I've decided to portray the blog as a  *drumroll*.......... BEAUTY, FASHION AND LIFESTYLE blog (yipeee). Trust you are going to looove it (don't want to divulge the content yet)

I'm still in the change process, might be for a couple of week, maybe months but i'm totally excited about this and i'm aware that this is a new territory for me but i'm sure with y'all solidly  behind me, I'll conquer.

Kindly continue to read my blog and tell others about it. Thank you so much. Muaaaaaaah.


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