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Rock Your Boyfriend's Adire Buba And Slay! 🙌❤

17:22Lade Ibikunle

What a guy can rock, a woman can slay!
Hello people! hope your week is going smoothly? Well if it isn't, just read this post and i'm sure it will make your day (wishful thinking).
Fashion is evolving fast or should I say revolving, I mean what wasn't 'allowed' in the fashion world about 10 years ago is now a kick-ass fashion statement. One of such statements for females is the wearing of male clothing eg, button-up shirts, full agbada set, denim, wristwatches etc
So when I got this buba adire from le boo, I immediately started thinking of how I was gonna rock it and share with y'all. See more when you continue

First up, I styled the buba with magenta purple (had to google this colour mehn), a pair of print heels and nerdy glasses (Actually went to work like this, I work at an advertising agency so it's cool). This look is all serious on like a chilling level (lade what are you saying?). Anyways,You gerit right?

For the second look, I just toned down the seriousness of the outfit by replacing the heels with a pair of sneakers and the nerd frames with sunglasses.

Now to some details

ignore the chirped polish please

Yes gurl, so anytime you open your wardrobe and you are out of what to wear, just slip into your boyfriend, husband, brother or fathers's room, pick out his clothing and wear. It's all about the attitude sweerie

Model: Omolade Ibikunle
Photographer: Nojimudeen Mubarak

Outfit Details
Buba: Custom made (Gift)
Heels: Atmosphere
Sneakers: Eko market
Watch: Emporio Armani
Bracelets: The yellow one was handmade by my sister and the brown a gift
Pants: taken from Ife's wardrobe
Nerd frames: Haute signatures
Sunglasses: Thom Browne

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