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Thank you for taking the time out to reach out to me and for visiting my Blog. I know time is valuable to you so I'm gonna make this very fast.
The saying goes 'A business with no sign is a sign of no business' and I know for some brands, the issue is not quality, it's awareness. You spend days, months, years, creating a product/ brand and end up with little or no one to patronize. But not to worry, I've got you covered on that.

I offer Blog sponsorship, advertising, and collaboration services with Fashion/Lifestyle as long as it's within the general theme of my blog. These services include sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, social media posts and banner ads.

Lade's Blog is a rapidly growing blog with readers from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, Germany, France and many more. That means International awareness. Excited yet?

Now Let's go Into Some details

Sponsored Posts 
This could either be written by you or me (Note that even if it's written by you, it's subject to edits by me so it fits my general aesthetics)

I accept products that I like and would generally used to be reviewed by me and fit my aesthetics. My reviews will be honest and void of miscommunication or misrepresentation. Products are accept include fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Lifestyle services include food, travel accessories (like fitness accessories and so on). If you do not know where you fit, just reach out to me and we'll figure it out together.

Social Media Mentions
Yep, I do this too. The caption will be written by me to fit my social media fun aesthetics.

I can incorporate your product, brand or services into my giveaways and all attribute will be giving accordingly. Products for giveaway have to be in perfect condition and usable.

Ad Spaces
I have side banner ad spaces for sale for whatever duration you want. Sizes include
336 x 280
300 x 250
250 x 250 

For more information, send an email to

Brands I have worked with include





and still counting...

Looking forward to hearing from you. XOXO😘


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