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Create This Two-Tone Dress, No Stitches, No Sewing!

13:00Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys, how's your week going? You know the saying necessity is the father of invention? Well, that saying is so correct because I got the inspiration to create this out of nothing to wear for a particular event that required this exact style.

So, what I did was pair up my my black flared gown with my nude stretch top, i.e wore the black gown first, then my nude long sleeve top ( can be whatever length of sleeve).

Next thing I did was to fold the end of the top inwards because it was a bit too long for me.

Once that was done to my desired length, I accessorized with a black slim belt and finished the look with a pair of mustard sandals and Viola, I rocked rocked rocked!

not too far from what I created yeah?
Let me know what your think of this creation and you'll be trying it out.

PhotoCredit: Ayodele Kehinde

Outfit Details
Dress: Gotten at Obalende market
Heels: Shoe republica
Top: Atmosphere


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