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Favorite Friday Looks Yet.

15:48Lade Ibikunle

 Hey lovers! It's another Friday, yeeeeeeeey. And this day has inspired today's post. If you have a 9-5 job, you'll know that we look forward to Fridays because apart from the fact that it's the beginning of the weekend, it's also an opportunity for workers to 'dress down. Meaning if you have been cacked up in suit, shirt and tie all through the week, friday is an opportunity for you to wear your natives, your maxi gowns, your long top and leggings, flats, etc

So here's a compilation of some of my Friday looks for you to draw inspiration. You can definitely recreate some of these looks to suit whatever purpose you want #RestrictionsOff!

Apologies, some of these pictures were taken with my phone but I tried to optimize them.

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