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OOTD: Casual Weekend Look

17:25Lade Ibikunle

Nothing screams WEEKEND than a pair of leggings, an over-sized shirt, and a pair of sneakers. You feel me yeah? That is what has informed this post.

So I decided to switch up my location a bit so I went on the new Anthony Bridge which is not far from my office so I can have like really good pictures for you all (you know I gat so much love y'all💋). So I was posing o for my wonderful photographer Mubs G and of course people were interrupting and throwing funny comment amongst which was this middle-aged lady who said to me 'Do you have a job😲?'.
I froze in my pose. I mean why would such rubbish emit from the contours of your mouth. I did not say anything to her cos I had absolutely nothing to say save for serious rain of abuses ( but Jesus' got me🙏) at that point I wished my friend Ifeoluwa Fayokun to give a little dose of her pill.
Some people just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and lash out at others for their misfortune. To my looks jare

Anyways, I hope you like this look and recreate it. Don't forget to holla at me when you do via my social media platforms
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Outfit Details
Shirt: Atmosphere
Leggings: Can't remember. I've had it for a while now
Sneakers: Gotten at Obalende (Get similar in black Here)
Bag: Hermes (Long time gift)

Photographer Nojimudeen Mubarak 


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  2. I love the choice of location but the views leave a bit more to be desired.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Your observation is duly noted.


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