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How to Make Bob Wig From Start to Finish | Tutorial by Cynthykay Obi

10:33Lade Ibikunle

Another tutorial served guys. And Cynthykay Obi is on this one teaching us how to make a bob wig tutorial from start to finish. The process is simple guy and very easy to achieve. I need to make this, just waiting on my mannequin head.

By the way, how was your weekend? will really love to here about it. Mine was awesome, finally saw Doctor Strange which actually lived up to it's hype so I don't understand why there's a lot of bad press about it. Anyways, let me leave you to actually watch the video you came here for. 

Have a lovely week! Muah😘

Will be giving out some recharge cards in my subsequent posts. The numbers will just be inbetween the post. Look out for it guys. Can't wait *rubbing palms together*


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