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#BlueSeries3: Ankara X Sneakers

12:38Lade Ibikunle

Today marks the end of our #BlueSeries. If you missed any of it, catch up here and here. As I tossed through my wardrobe to put together what to wear for this blog post, I stumbled on this cute Ankara dress that I made myself- Gosh, I miss sewing. So I thought why not showcase something you made by yourself lade.

Let me digress a little to tell you guys why I learnt how to sew. No thanks to too much shakara from our Nigerian tailors coupled with repeated disappointments.You give your tailor a dress to make for you 2 months prior to when you'll use it and it's still not ready as at when due. And their excuses are always the same 'Aunty na too much work' 'NEPA never give is light for the past 1 month' 'I don cut the cloth, na to sew am remain' 'Aunty na just to whip am remain' and so on.

What's the worst excuse you've gotten from your tailor?
Do you know how to sew?

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, sewing is not that difficult o. I made this dress in less than a day so don't allow your tailor to take you for a fool. And if you've been discouraging yourself from fashion designing because you think it's difficult, I encourage you today to start. Trust me, It's not! All you need is interest and determination. Okay?

So to complete this look, I settled for a pair of sneakers and this cute sling purse from Atmosphere. I feel this look is oddly cool. What do you think?

You can tell by the pictures that I had so much fun shooting this. Never a dull moment with Mubs G and Ella

Outfit Details
Dress by me
Bag: Atmosphere
Shades: Haute Signatures

Gonna be at Badagry this weekend, tasting Lagos. Will do a blog post about it once i'm done but you can catch up on all the fun live on my snapchat @official_lade

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  1. Wow!! The Ankara shoot really blew my gasket. Nice. Very nice.

    1. Glad it did. I took your previous comment seriously yeah?


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