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Dungaress X Off Shoulder

15:57Lade Ibikunle

From being worn by laborers, rail road workers, mechanics, prisoners, painters, carpenters, as protective gears, Dungarees (overalls, pinafores) has grown to become fashion statements in our world today, catching on like wild fire.

When worn, exudes feeling of badass, edgy and chic (or dapper for guys) and trust the youth to quickly latch on this this and totally dominate this space.

It can be worn on its own or with different styles of top underneath to switch up the look.
Usually worn for casual outings but you can change the trend, our model Adaeze wore this to work.

For this look, Adaeze paired her dungarees with a black off-shoulder top and a pair of sneakers for sealing!

What do you think of this style? 
Would you be recreating it?
How would you rock it differently?
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Photography by me 😊. I tried yeah?

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