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Tasting Badagry- Arrival 🎥

10:42Lade Ibikunle

I think I've just been bitten by the bug of adventure guys no thanks to The Village Pot. Adventure has always been one of my secret passion but I never get around to actually doing that. why? I got no answer too.

Sometimes, I lay in my bed, close my eyes and imagine myself in various part of the country and abroad, living their culture , tasting their food ⛺🍧🍭🍯 (even though I don't experiment with food), exploring their sights, dancing to their music, just basically basking myself in their history, culture and tradition.

I think I just wandered for a minute there...

When Funmi of Village Pot told me about this Badagry trip, I just shrugged it off even though I had earlier seen it on her Instagram handle.But I guess the adventure in me just wanted to break free and I had no choice but to agree before it renders me insomniac. And as a good advertiser/marketer, I pulled 3 more people with me. Would have been 4 people but Ewere won't agree that I was the one that convinced him to come on this trip.
So on Saturday, 18 of us, including the driver of our fully air-conditioned coaster bus set out to Badagry at about 9am (would have been 7am, but Nigerian time won't allow) and the group immediately started bonding on the bus with some introduction and games.

I made sure to pick a seat by the window so I can get some pictures and actually see the environment which comprised of majorly vegetation. The journey was hitch free but for the countless number of stops we had to make make for customs, police, immigration, mopol checks. the entire journey was about 1 hour 30 minutes.

We lodged at Ar-Rakhab Holiday Resort which was subtly beautiful but highly over-exaggerated on their website. But isnt that what advertising is all about?

from their website

from their website
from their website


The highlight of the resort for me is the beach with the 'bluest' water i've ever seen compared to any Nigerian beach (correct me if i'm wrong please).It also has tiny huts for relaxation.


Nigeria is so beautiful you guys; embrace it.

Immediately we got to the hotel, we settled down for like 15 minutes and out we went actually tasting Badagry.

More posts about this trip in subsequent posts

 Plan on documenting everything

Have you ever been to Badagry?
What places have you been to in Nigeria?

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Photos By Omolade Ibikunle & Jeremiah


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