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Tasting Badagry- Sights & Feels | Day 2

08:39Lade Ibikunle

This is the last of the series I promise guys😆

But don't blame me, I had so much fun and a whole lot to talk about. Without further ado, let me take you through my day 2. Catch up on Arrival and Day 1 here and here

So the morning started with breakfast by the beach ( I'm seriously getting used to this life )

The people of Badagry are more into fishing and as early as 7am, you'll find a large number of them by the ocean 'harvesting' their fishes from nets they've cast over-night. They also sing or chant (that's what it sounded like to me) while they pull the rope which is firmly secured to a tree trunk. Seeing this alone already made my morning!

After all these, off we went to Gberefu island to walk the path the slaves went through before being sold to the white people (lolz).

I almost fainted walking that path. It was so loooooonnnnnnngggggg. Imagine walking on that path on an empty stomach and an energy level of -100.
At this point, i'll allow pictures to do the rest of the talking. And I also want you guys to visit so I don't want to reveal everything

Boat cruise for the trouble

This coconut purse is so cute. Can't wait to style it

Some of the pictures were taken by Funmi of The Village Pot and Jeremiah

Ever been to Badagry? Share your experience in the comment section


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