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Tasting Badagry - Sights & Feels | Day1

12:28Lade Ibikunle

So guys, let's continue my Badagry experience shall we?

So we had a wonderful tour guide in the name of Conerstone who did his job with sheer joy. First stop was the Baraccon of 40 Slave cells where 40 slaves-both men and women were kept in a tiny room until they were ready to be shipped to Europe and America through the point of no return.

The slaves did not have personal or common toilets. They pooped and weed in that same air-tight room. What a life! And the slaves were being sold for ridiculous things. Eg,
40 slaves were an Umbrella
50 slaves for a Ceremic bowl, etc

From the slave quarters, we moved to the fisrt story building in Nigeria, saw the first cemented well and other monuments. Let me leave the pictures to do the story telling.

First Storey building in Nigeria



First Bank in Nigeria

These canons sold for 100 slaves each

After a long-ass waka day, we decided to go for a dip in the pool. And later that night was dinner by the beach. Funmi of The Village Pot made sure to have our coaster bus on standby to take us wherever we wanted to go so transportation wasn't really a problem.

 Not to worry, if you are not going in a group like I did, there are bikes around to take you around and if you are paranoid about bikes, liaise with your tour guide to arrange your comfortable means of transportation.

Pictures by Jeremiah, Funmi and Omolade

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