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Quick DIY || Off-Shoulder Tee

08:58Lade Ibikunle

 Wadup people! How are y'all doing? So you guys remember my Badagry trip yeah? (Talked about it here and here) we were given Tshirts and mine was very big so I decided to alter it a bit b y turning it into an off-shoulder kinda thing. So without wasting much of you time, let's get into it.

1. Make sure you have you scissors and Tee ready.
2. Fold the tee into two equal halves with both sleeves touching each other.
3. Depending on how wide you want the shoulder to be, start cutting from the neckline as shown in the picture below. You don't want to go too deep here except you want your top to fall straight down to your knees😃

4. You might want to cut off part of the sleeve too.
Viola! You are good to go.

I did not do this but you can turn it into a crop also by simply cutting off the end of your shirt to you desired length. Simple yeah?

Now here's how I rocked my newly created off-shoulder tee

What do you think of this style?
Will you be re-creating this?
Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Always loved ya style from day one! #ssshhhh


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