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Snug Denim Skirt

16:00Lade Ibikunle

It's five days to Christmas guys! I'm excited, are you?. I have this week off from work and I'm really enjoying the solitude. By the way, I saw The Wedding Party yesterday and guys it's very interesting, totally worth the hype. This is what happens when you to something up to and above standard-you get free publicity. Go watch it guys, you'll thank me later.

To the outfit.
When I saw this stone-wash denim skirt on a mannequin in Balogun (Eko Market), I just knew I had to get it and thankfully they had it in my size. what I love about denim is its versatility. Comes in different variations, shirt dress, short sleeve top, long skirt, short skirt, off-shoulder top and many more. Whichever one it is you lay your hands on, just know it's not wasted money.

For this post, I coupled the denim skirt with an off-shoulder top I made a long time ago, belted it by the waist to give that hour-glass shape and since I was to attend a Christmas get-together, I wore a pair of heeled sandals to complete the look.

Top: Made by Me
Skirt: Eko Market
Shoes: Firetrap
Photos by Adura Ibikunle

How would you have styled this skirt differently?
What are your plans for Christmas guy?
Let me know in the comment section


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