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Vintage Inspired Work Outfit

10:10Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys. Welcome to a brand new week. Are you exited about Christmas yet? Well I am. Even though situations militating against me will want me to think otherwise. I have been finding a way to infuse the Christmas color Red (I don't like green) into my outfit these days. Sometimes it happens subconsciously but who's complaining. In this outfit, both pants (which I also styled here) and blouse are thrifted! yep yep

Loooooove the lacy detail and the blouse and the puff sleeve😍. Remember that white shirts are a 'must-have in your wardrobe guys! you can't have to much, I guess.

I rocked this to work but then you can be versatile with this okay. Damn the rules!

On another note, currently on the lookout for 'bloggers hangout', a girl needs to network 😉. Kindly suggest some hangouts to me in the comment section please. Tanchu.

Pants and Blouse: Thirfted from Eko Market I think
Heels: Steve Madden

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