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What's in My Bag 🙈 UNREHEARSED (Free Gift Inside)

14:25Lade Ibikunle

Happy new month guys and welcome to my blog. Are you exited about the holidays? cos I am. 
Well, I got to work on this faithful day (very early as usual 😉) and I though to myself, why don't I shoot a what's in my bag post. I have seen a lot of lifestyle bloggers do it but what makes this one different is that it's totally unplanned and unrehearsed!

So I had my colleague, Bamiyo bring out the contents of my bag one after the other while I take the picture

So let's dive in!

Wide Tooth Comb: At this time, I had my natural Afro hair on. So this comb is needed for necessary touch ups.

Powder: I really do not use this at work because I do my makeup before leaving the house. But then I keep it in my bag just in case my face gets really oily and I have to go for a meeting. A girl has to slay!

 Powder Brush: Well, this is to apply the power as I cannot use my fingers. lol.🙈

My (worn out) Purse: I need to have my purse in my bag duh. And my purse houses receipts that dates as far back as 6 months ago *covers face*. The worst part is, I tucked everything back in after this post!
 Lipsticks & lipgloss: I had elf flirtations lipstick and this other nameless lipstick at this time so I needed to have a copy just in case too. Lipgloss is for when my lips feel dry.
My Phone: Erm, of course I need to have my phone. Kindly disregard my finger prints on it. (This my camera sef cannot hide things).

Earphone: If you still commute by bus like I do, you'll agree with me when I say you need this to block out the deafening noise on Lagos roads or annoying people.

Glasses: I always carry around 2 pairs. Clear Nerdy frames for when I want to feel like a prof and sunshades for Lagos sun.
Nail File & Clips: I play the violin (shocked much?) and as a violinist you are not allowed to keep your nails especially the left ones (if you're right-handed like me). So there are days I get to rehearsals and I have to quickly trim down my nails.
Hand Sanitizer: The fear of ebola is the beginning of wisdom. Started carrying this around since the ebola saga. And trust me, it's highly needed.
 Nylon & A Piece of Paper: Don't know why I had this. But you never know when you'll need it. Lolz.
 Flash Drive: I actually always two the two flash drives I own in my bag. My line of work requires it and then for movies *wink*
 Sanitary Towel: To buttress my 'you never know when you need it' point, A day after shooting this post, someone actually came to me in dire need of it. So you really never know when you'll need it.
 International Passport: This is actually the only means of identification I own apart from my newly issued work ID card which I believe does not suffice in some cases.
Glo 381408252491157

Safety Pins: As the name implies, you need to be safe with dem skirts and zippers gurl. It can pop at any time!
 Pain Relievers (Robb): Ermmm, moving on...

 Bobby Pin: To keep my hair in place.

There you go guys, now you can stop imagining. Took a lot of courage to do this. Hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know what you carry around in you bags

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Did anyone catch the free gift embedded in this post? No? Oya check again and comment if you got it.


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  1. That's nice to know. Buh girls sha una dey pack things Waka o.

    I won the free gift also. Glo 5H airtime. Thanks to Lade's blog

    Check out my Blog also

  2. Hahahha you really revealed a lot ooo, I also have a similar post and mine wasn't so detailed. I love the spontaneity and realness of this post. Nice one *Insert thumbs up emoji*


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