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Asymmetrical Ankara Skirt X Lace

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Hey fashion lovers!!!
How are you doing? hope your week is going well (you can slide into the comment section to tell me all about it). If I knew growing up was this stressful, I would have remained a baby girl for life. Gosh! I miss

those day when I did not have to worry about anything but sleeping, eating, going to school, and just sitting pretty. But now, too much hustle and bustle. Wakeup early and for people who love to do their makeup form home, wake up earlier, dress up, walk to the bus stop (as I don't have a car yet), hustle for bus with huge men, get to work, tolerate sh*t from some people, work your ass off, close from work, walk back to the bus stop, hustle for bus again, and then repeat the whole process the next dayπŸ™€.

Anyways, Oluwa is involved therefore I shall not be moved. Moving on to my outfit, if you are a constant reader of Lade's blog, by now you should know how huge my love for Ankara is and if you don't (spread arms apart) it is this huge... even way more than. I like the fact that it's versatile and lately, it has even found it's way into 'work-fashion'. And let's not forget how cheap  making ankara pieces are (well depending on your tailor and your negotiating power). Talk about fashion on a budget!

I had some of this material left from an off-shoulder gown I made (styled here) which I decided to turn into a skirt and my tailor did a good job, right?. This skirt makes me want to rejoice in my curves gurl. And that's another advantage of custom made attires, it is made according to shape!

I paired the skirt with my sheer lace top and matched it with a red purse and black sandals.

That's it guys, let me know how much you liked this post in the comment section. 

Additional Cuts
Well, I had this shoot in church so they were a few photo bombers and I've decided to feature these two Ewere, and Aduragbemi, My No1 fan as he likes to call himself. You'll agree with me that they made the 'Stylish men gangπŸ™Œ'

Till next time, XOXO (tempted to say 'Gossip Girl'πŸ˜„)

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