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09:44Lade Ibikunle

Am I the only one tired of January? It seems so long. Makes me wonder how many months there are in January plus I've spent all my December salary 😭. Chai, God help me o

So I was sitting in my house on the 2nd of January when Funmi of The Village Pot called me up to know if I'm interested in visiting Tarkwa Bay that day. She had a friend Hiwot, visiting Nigeria for the first time and wanted to take her to nice places.
Wanderlust that I am sprung up to the opportunity. Trust me never to pass on a chance to have a good time. And 2017 as I promised myself is my year to live life to da fullest!!!

I went on the second day of a brand new year, so as expected the beach was packed but not overcrowded. Funmi made sure we had games to play and there was never a dull moment.
  1. 1000 boat fare (to and fro).
  2. Immediately you get to the beach, you'll be demanded to pay N200 for entry, can you imagine as if they built the land😏
  3. You need to go with food and/ snacks also if you don't want to lavish your hard earned cash on over-priced food on the beach.
  4. Getting a tent cost between 5k-10k depending on your negotiation power (going in groups can higly subsidize this). If you don't have money to waste on that, I suggest you go with a mat and very big hat to block the sun.
  5. Have fun!!!
Can we take a moment to appreciate my photo editing skills πŸ™Œ

I have a lot of photos guys, please bear with me

Battle of the photographers with Kehinde (wish  could have the reverse side featuring me)

My laugh doe

Show off 😏

Hiwot was teaching me how to whyne

Guess I didn't quite learn it

Additional photos by Kehinde Ayodele  and my No 1 fan, Aduragbemi Oyebodebut everything was edited by me 😍

Ever been to Tarkwa Bay? Share your experience below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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