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Welcome to my little space on the internet. I'm getting personal with y'all today with 25 interesting facts about me. It's a new year.. well second month but a new year still and I feel I should talk about myself so you guys get to know me a lot better and vice-versa. Accompanied with this post are some pictures I pulled out of my image bank on my phone. Let's dig in shall we?

1. My middle name is Ngozi. So my full name is Omolade Ngozi Ibikunle.
2.  I love fashion and makeup. This is a no-brainer as that's what constitutes the essence of this blog.
3. I hate arguments
4. I am a shy person. Now people find this a bit strange because i'm very outspoken but what they don't know (now they do) is that it's all film trick.
5. I have 'shock absorber' for everything. That is why when things go bad, I'm not overly disappointed cos I've already created a space deep down in my mind for eventualities.  But I've come to learn that this is not a very good quality-What do you think guys?
6. I don't like house chores except for the ones that involves arranging my closet.
7. I love God, Church, and attending church activities.
8. I play the violin - Orchestra standard.
9. I studied Mass Communication at Bowen University and I currently work as a copywriter at Centrespread Advertising. I also anchor events on the side.
My Office

10. I can be veeeeerrrrryyyyy stubborn.
11. I do not like cartoons/animation. Weird yeah?
12. I hate to experiment with food. In fact,  I don't eat anything with vegetables (fried rice, Chinese rice, burger, salad, pizza) and I even get super uncomfortable if you're eating any of these beside me.
13. I speak with a lisp, but in a very cute way.
14. I don't like pets, cats dogs...anything.
15. I Still don't know how to drive *covers face in shame*. In the same vein, I don,t know how to ride a bicycle even after plenty training.
16. I Love cakes and chocolates but super scared of weight gain.
17. I Love to do things myself. That explains my DIY craze.
18. I love to swim but can't enter children's pool without using a floater.
19. If you're lost and you need direction, come meet me and you'll completely get missing. I suck at giving directions.
20. I'm a Libra. Born October 3rd.
21. Don't like to sleep with lights on.
22. Loooooove watching movies. Happy movies.
23. Can't live without the internet.
24. Kinda like male stuff; perfumes, wristwatches even some clothing. No I'm not a cross-dresser

25.I like to meet new people, so I'll like for you to comment some interesting facts about you to help me know you better.

Till next time, XOXO

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  1. First, I love your office, I mean its just beautiful, hmm beginning to have a thing for yellow. I dont like cartoons either, I'm a shy person and I love making new friends! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, yeah yellow seems like an interesting color but it will take a little more convincing for me to have a thing for yellow dou

  2. Fascinating simply Fascinating.....Keep up the work dear...:)


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