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5 Ways to Rock Suspenders For Women

10:10Lade Ibikunle

Though people say it's a men-oriented style, but can you name any piece of clothing (not underwear) that a man wears, that a woman cannot wear? (You can leave responses in the comment section). And if this statement were to be in reverse, we all know men stand no chance at all! Yeah, man's world indeed. (I hope I'm not low-key sounding feminist).

Suspenders perfectly fits into the wardrobe of modern fashionistas emphasizing boldness, independence, elegance and WOW!. Suspenders have a way of accentuating your figure with a little bit of slim and sexy. Let me share with you 5 ways (out of so many) you can totally rock the suspender trend

1.   Contrast the colors
Wear dark suspender with a white (or bright colored) shirt or vice versa. the contrast helps to give a lil focus on the suspenders.

2.   Ditch the Jacket
The rule states that suspenders are supposed to be worn under the jacket but we all know 21st century fashionistas don't give a rats ass about rules. What is the point of wearing suspenders if it will not be seen and adored?. Embrace your freedom and ditch the jacked girl.

3.   Alternate
You can wear shirts, tops or blouses depending on the occasion. If it I was going for a casual event, I will wear my suspenders with an off-shoulder top or a crop top (If my stomach will allow meπŸ™ˆ). You can also pair suspenders with denim, skirts or wide-legged pants.

4.   AccessorizeπŸ‘’πŸ‘“
In this post, since I was going for the 'boss look', I buttoned up my shirt, and snatched a brooch by the collar. I also slipped into a pair of dark orange pumps for an extra oomph. I I was going for a less serious look, I would loosen the first two buttons, and find a fine pair of flats or sneakers to crystallize the look.

5.   SLAY 😎
Girl you can;t wear this and not do justice to your slayage! You have to pepper dem

Pants & Suspenders: Thrift (you won't believe the amount)
Shirt: Eko Market
Shoes: Spotted

Hope you enjoyed the post. Would you be rocking suspender anytime soon? Please leave a comment below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Photo Credit: Adura Ibikunle

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