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5+1 Tips on How to Dress For Work | Work Outfit Inspo

09:04Lade Ibikunle

My 'on the side' model wore this to the office and I thought it could really make for a work outfit inspo post. So while you feed your eyes on the outfit inspo, I'm gonna be sharing 5 + 1 tips on how to dress for work. Lets's get into it shall we?

1. Read Your Office Dress Code Manual And Understand it
It's different rules for different industries. While some may allow jeans, others may say suits is what you can wear. Some even go ahead to pick colors for you, I know some banks that do just black and grey. Whichever rule your office goes with, understand it cos that will form the basis of how to style.

2. Wear Clothes That Fit
You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you wear clothes that are either too big or too small. Even if you're following the dress code to the letter, you'll just end up looking ridiculous and on top of that, you'll have HR on your radar and we don't want that do we?

3. Your Hair is Important
Bad hair makes you look like you don't have your life together. And how's a company supposed to trust you to manage their business when you can't even manage your hair!!! Give your hair a clean barb, wear extensions, keep your natural hair in place.

4. Don't Pour The Whole Bottle of Cologne on Yaself!!!
If you are guilty of this, please stopeeeeet. Not everyone in the office needs to know you just bought this bottle of Ferragamo. There are some people that even hours after leaving an environment, their smell lives on and most times, the scents are not pleasant. Let me add that guys are more guilty of this (if you have a contrary opinion, express it in the comment section)

5. Don't Over-accessorize
There's nothing stylish about overwhelming your outfit with accessories. Accessories are supposed to complement your outfit. Okay?

6. Wear Your Confidence
All your efforts fall flat when you don't back it up with confidence.Remember it's all in the attitude

Outfit Deets

Top: Atmosphere
Bag: Aldo
Skirt: House of Naya
Shoe: Random Buy at Cotonou


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  1. That Cologne thing is a serious issue. I was in a bus on Tuesday and I was almost choking because of a guy's perfume at 7:30pm

    1. I forgot to say I love your skirt. The colour is something to crave for.

    2. 7:30pm??? wow! That's a serious something

  2. Lol at that cologne part. Nice post dear

  3. Right tell them oh, some people want to choke us with their perfume. I love your skirt, nice tips. And the lace top is lovely. Thanks for always stopping by my blog, I suspected you were a blogger but you never leave your links girl. Please do oh.

    Princess Audu

    1. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by! Sometime I feel im constituting a nuisance when I drop links here and there so I kinda hold up on that a little. But I really appreciate the comment and nice work on your blog

  4. Hey Lade! Great post. You look stunning dear xx

    1. Thanks girl, but that's not me in the picture sha


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