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Faaji Footwear Launch | How it Went

12:02Lade Ibikunle

Wasaapppp fashion lovers! How are you doing? Hope you had a fab weekend?. The highlight of the week for me was the Launch of Faaji Footwear which was held yesterday at Villa Angelia Hotels.

Faaji Footwear designs bespoke Slippers & Sandals for Ladies and Fellas, hand-made to perfection with a touch of class. And what's awesome is that its a Nigerian brand. Talk about buying Nigerian to grow the Naira.

The launch was a cozy and intimate one with the pieces beautifully displayed across the table and in transparent jars. The pieces had super cute Nigerian names that just made me so proud to be a Nigerian. I had a really nice time and I'll be styling one of their pieces soon on the blog so watch out for that 😉

The launch was also afforded me the opportunity to network with fabulous people. I met Mary of Lagos City Chic and the brains behind Alice of The Bloggers Advocate and Tonye 

Gospel according to the founder
I’ve always loved shoes but I never knew I’d start a footwear line; I studied Petroleum Chemistry for my BSc and did my MSc in Renewable Energy so having a foot wear line was never in the picture. After my MSc, I realized it would take a miracle to land a job in the Energy Industry with the low price of crude oil and the other challenges face in the country I decided to be open and soon started working in the banking industry. It didn’t take too long before I had to sit myself down and tell myself the true, this wasn’t what I saw myself doing long term and after a year, I made the bold move of leaving my 9 to 5 job.
I bounced a couple of ideas around in my head and it came down to running a kitchen because I’m a massive foodie or footwear because I love shoes (at a point in my life I owned over 30 pairs of sneakers). I decided on footwear because I knew a friend who understood the industry and I struggled with find quality footwear when I moved back to Nigeria for decent prices and thought hey I could bridge that gap. My Name is Adetola Adenekan, born March 10 1977 (not my real birth year), the 2nd of 5 kids (3 brothers & a sister), a die-hard Real Madrid fan, a lover of languages and culture and a recovering plantain chips addict. I’m a Petro-chemist & Renewable Energy Engineer on paper and I run my foot wear line, FAAJI FOOTEAR.
We at Faaji Footwear want to share our love for Footwear with the world. We produce High Quality Hand-crafted Slippers and Sandals. Our slogan is Perfection coming to a feet near you, and that’s what we are all about. Delivering perfection literally every time customers place orders.
Our styles cater to both ladies and fellas for all occasions so if you love and appreciate chic, unique & smart designs with an African twist then you are home.

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