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Still Single in Gidi Stage Play | How it Went

12:13Lade Ibikunle

Over the weekend, I was at the Agip Recital hall at Muson centre to watch the STILL SINGLE IN GIDI stage play which satires the different issues single in Lagos go through from Yoruba demons, Mother palava, Asoebi wahala, Single motherhood, Situationships, Lord of the rings saga, and so much more.

I have promised myself this year to go out more and attend all these 'classy events' so when I saw an ad on Instagram for this event, I jumped right at it and trust me, the delivery matched my expectation. I was thoroughly entertained and it was 2k well spent.

Here are some issues the play highlighted

Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge
How people drive down from all over Lagos to  to jog on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. That got me mehn. Is it really true? do people do that? Strategic positioning yeah?

 Singles Attending Every Social Event
The play touched on how singles, both male and female desperately move from one event to the in the hope to find bae. Chai! that's a big project o, dedicating your life to attending up and dan, don't even get me started on the amount of money they spend on looking good for this event which brings me to the next point.

I added the exclamations because I am personally tired of this. The price of aso-ebi nowadays is alarming. Being an Aso-ebi girl is no joke o, it's serious business. Months of salary goes into payment for ordinary material. Then  you still have to to sew it, buy accessories, and do your make up *rolls eye*. Don't get me wrong o, I like aso-ebi, it's the price I've got issues with.

 The Ring
Ladies these days are so much focused on how big, expensive, and cute the ring looks that they can even reject marriage proposals if the ring is not up to 'standards'. The rock has to be big enough to make them wanna show it off on Instagram with the hashtag #HePutARingOnIt

Annoying Remarks
I was dressing up for a wedding one day, gele set, highlight popping etc and the next thing my mum would say is 'When you start dressing up for wedding like this, it means yours is on the way o'. If you see the side eye I gave her ehn. I know she means well but these things just put pressure on my fragile heart. You can't jejely go for a wedding without people asking you 'So when is yours?' 'when are we coming to eat rice for your own?' 'you're ripe for marriage o' and some other rather insulting remarks. *sigh*

I stop here for now. I'm sure you can tell that I had a nice time.

Did you see the play? 
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