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CAG Mixers Brunch | How it Went

13:36Lade Ibikunle

Wadup people (or should I come up with a cute name for y'all?) One of my my resolutions this year is to go out and socialize more especially with fellow bloggers. Networking is a big deal if you want to survive as a blogger or content creator. So when I saw an Instagram ad for Colours and Grey mixers brunch for creatives, I jumped at the opportunity.

 The brunch took place at Pancake Hub, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos. And I must confess, in addition to meeting people and networking, I went there for the pancakes 😊.

 Shout out to Alex of nappyhaired, Tuke Morkan and John for their insightful sessions. I really learned one or two things which I'm going to be applying on the blog.

I should have joined this pancake competition now that i think of it 😏

 There was no dress code for the occasion and since I wanted to be as casual as possible, I went for this hi-low top, paired with black leggings and crystallized with this pair of fur slippers I had to cajole my sister to about borrow pose😋. 

Leggings: Can't remember
Leg candy: Sister's Wardrobe 

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