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Don't Overlook The Signs + Some Retro Vibe

14:38Lade Ibikunle

Wadup fashion lovers and anyone who just likes a good read accompanied with awesome photos! Welcome to my little space on the world wide web. I'm gonna be real honest with you guys in this post just to buttress what we are gonna be talking about today.

Lately I find myself a little uninterested in a lot of things; makeup, taking pictures (which is supposed to be what I live for aside God ofcourse), work (this has a valid reason dou but then I still do it cos I have to) and even making conversations. I just came out of a bout of not talking to people for 2 days straight! Now get me right, it's not like I did not throw around a few words like hi, hello, whatsup, I'm fine, etc, but I just found making long conversations with people such a HUGE chore that I decided to stay out of it. And if you have read this post, you will know I hate chores! Thankfully, I was able to break this annoying thread by attending a good owanbe yesterday which you must have seen on my Instagram or Snapchat (official_lade). Shoutout to #Damolade17, I danced till all of the negativity went away. I closed with the DJ, seriously. I think the DJ even left before me sef cos I took a while for my uber to arrive.

All of this got me thinking about depression and how it can subtly creep into you and make your heart a permanent abode. When we see communications in the media concerning depression, they often portray people on drugs, alcoholics or suicidal people. But there are subtler versions like

  • Sudden Sadness for no just cause
  • Anxiety (about Ridiculous Stuff)
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Concentration Problems
  • Eating Extremes (one time you are starving yourself and in the next, you are stuffing food down your throat like your life depends on it)
  • Isolation (sometimes we call it 'me time' but we really need to be careful)

I'm not an expert in these things. The signs you see may be nothing, or they could be a clue to deeper problems. Regardless, don't just overlook. Surround yourself with positive people who will be able to pull you up, Do something fun, eat right and also indulge sometimes, take time off work and travel, see a professional lastly and more importantly, seek God, He sure will help you through and level all mountains before you.

God is interested in your wellbeing, do not shut Him out.

For my outfit, I am wearing a thrifted oversized vintage top I got from Instagram and previously styled here, this beautiful pair of sandals I thrifted from Obalende and a pair of denim. Hope you enjoyed the read😊

What is your take on depression? 
Ever fallen into in one of these moods, Please share your thoughts in the comment section


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