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I am 'Anti-Diet' So Here's What I Do

14:35Lade Ibikunle

I am not a fan of diets, infact I hate it. First cos I do not like foreign, mende mende things (salad, vegetable, mayonnaise, salmon, lettuce, green peas, even to something as basic as sausage🙈) please don't ask me why. I guess when God created me, He injected all the 'Nigerianess' He could find into me; I like my Amala, Efo, Pounded Yam, Eba, etc) So you see, diet is not for me. Secondly, diets are so restricting, don't it this, don't do that, don't eat at this time, eat at this time...argh kilode? and lastly, I am veeeeeerrrrrrry lazy when it comes to exercising. The most exercise I do is walking to the bus-stop from my house. Shikena
So in view of all of this, I kinda try to watch what I eat.I guess moderation is key in this case. I try as much as possible to be healthy even while I eat what I like. So here's what my customized 'diet' plan looks like

1. My diet plan does not demonize food

Why will my diet plan say I can only eat once a day??? Some people are reading this saying 'haba Lade why are you exaggerating? no diet plan says eat once a day'. There are some diet plans that the only major food you eat throughout the day is 2 boiled eggs. Why am I eating 2 boiled eggs? Am I am Ebora (diety)? I eat when i'm hungry but then I do it in moderation.
2. I Love what I eat

Why on earth would I want to eat foods I don't enjoy just because they'll make me look skinny? There are other healthier options instead. Take for instance this parfait photographed in this post, it's a mixture of healthy low-fat yogurt and fruits you will normally eat. No strange object. Now that's what I call healthy eating. Not that I will be eating things that look like blended rat poop and squeezing my face with every gulp.
3. I don't go hungry 
I don't starve myself all in the name of diet. And the truth is you are likely to consume more food (especially the unhealthy ones) when you are constantly food-starved. Being hungry will also make you feel cranky, weak, and tired, negative and generally annoying.
Shoutout to my friend, Ella, CEO LEAN CAFE for these parfaits. Trust me, they are the best I've ever tasted better than the ones from all these big restaurants (I would have called names but I don;t do gossips). Lean Cafe parfait menu and ingredients include

It contains Granola apple and Yoghurt in layers and it is topped with shredded coconut, Strawberries and grapes, there Is also the option of caramel or chocolate dressing.

It contains shredded coconut, apple, chopped dates and coconut flavored Yoghurt in layers and it is topped with more shredded coconuts, dates, Strawberries and grapes and an option of dressing.

it contains Granola, diced Pawpaw and lime favored Yoghurt in layers and it is topped with shredded coconuts, more diced Pawpaw, Strawberries, grapes and option of dressing.

It contains shredded coconuts, diced mangoes, chopped dates and coconut flavored Yoghurt in layers. It is topped with more shredded coconuts, mangoes, dates, Strawberries, grapes and choice of dressing.

Check them out on Instagram LEAN CAFE

*This post is sponsored but as usual all opinions are mine

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  1. Ugh! I can totally relate with this post.
    Being hungry actually makes me very cranky...the parfait looks so perfect!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    1. Girl, I am all of that when I'm hungry + headache sef...the parfait is even as yummy as it looks.
      Thanks for your comment dear


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