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The Beaded Sleeve

12:00Lade Ibikunle

Wadap people, how are you doing? Happy Easter and hope you are enjoying your holiday? Let's talk a little about Easter shall we?
Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection (in simple terms). Beyond doctrine is the knowledge of the truth that Jesus died to pay the penalty of death that we deserve for our sin, was buried, and rose with a glorified body, gaining victory over death and the grave.

 When we put our faith in Him by believing through faith alone in Christ alone, we have the promise of one day reigning with Him in heaven. (Philippians 3:20-21)

 But more than just a memorial or a dedicated church service once in a year, we can celebrate the resurrection as we allow Christ’s resurrection and His characteristic to become a reality in our lives. Be kind to one another, stop backbiting or gossips, be a good friend, don't tear down other people, encourage one another etc

 Christ's death and resurrection is a daily hope of how the good will of God can overcome the forces of evil, of how truth will prevail and unmask the lie, of how love will triumph over sin, and how the blessed hope of eternal life will even put an end to death one day. 

 For today's pictures which I have hoarded a long time, I am wearing this beaded gown that was given to me by my cousin. I love love the detail of the sleeve. Looks like the beads were attached by hand and that's a lot of work men.

 I took these pictures early this year for my company photoshoot and I thought there were worthy of the blog too. I need to stop typing at this point cos this post is becoming an epistle. 

Photo by Classic Photos
What do you understand by Easter?
Do you celebrate it specially?


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  1. I love the beads added to the gown gives it more spice. Nice pics www.adagirl.com.ng

    1. Thanks dear. Really appreciate you stopping by


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