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Wrapped in Kimono And Some Faaji

10:55Lade Ibikunle

Wadup fashion enthusiasts. Welcome to Lade's Blog. This is the second post I'm publishing this week and I feel super proud of myself. Maybe we'll be doing two posts per week from now on, baby steps yeah?


Today I will be styling this multi-colored kimono I was forced to buy but totally grateful for alongside my Faaji Akobi sandal 👌. You would recall from here that I attended Faaji Footwear Launch and by virtue of being a blogger, I was told to choose any pair of sandal that I like to style (blogger perks 😉) so I chose Faaji Akobi. 'Akobi' in Yoruba language means 'first born' and incase you did not know I am the first of 6 children. So this sandal kinda holds a sentimental meaning for me apart from the fact that it's aesthetically beautiful. And since I can't wear a kimono like that, I wore this very simple but beautiful black dress (one of my many val's gift😉) underneath.

Many thanks to my colleague Wale for the beautiful shots. Editing the pictures was no trouble at all since they were already beautiful from raw

Kimono: Curvy Affairs
Dress: Gift
Leg candy: Faaji Footwear

Ever heard of faaji Footwear? Do you have any fashion piece that hold a sentimental meaning for you? let me know in the comment section

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  1. I love the kimono and sandals. So colourful. Have you stopped by the blog today, you should I shared some interesting facts about me

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Will check out your blog.


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