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10 ROMWE Fashion Pieces I Am Currently Crushing on

10:57Lade Ibikunle

Wazap fashion lovers! Welcome back to my blog. Hope you have been good. Today's post will be an interesting one. I will be sharing 10 ROMWE fashion pieces I am currently crushing on.

On one of my window shopping episodes, I stumbled on the site Romwe and almost all the items on the site spoke to me, begging me to come pick them. I literally spent hours perusing the site perusing their stock and I thought to share 10 of the item I will be getting from the site. Without further ado, lets get into it

This bag pack caught my eye immediately I saw it. Such love I have for this bag, so undeniable, lol. I will sure buy this no doubt. And the soft pink/blush colour is just so bae😍

Get it HERE

Can you believe this is a two-piece set? Culottes for bottoms and the beautiful flared top. Chai this sure deserves my crush. 
Get it HERE

There are times I don't want to talk but then I want people to know what I'm talking about and it is for such moments I will buy this tee for. It sure will serve me well for those long and boring bored meetings I attend sometimes. Hehe, cos trouble 😀
Get it HERE

Just cos vintage is the new cool and it's a staple to have in your wardrobe. And the way this model has put the look together is just so nice
Get it HERE

Embroidery is the ish now so naturally, I gravitated towards this top and the cut outs😍. You know I like all these distressed kinda patterns. You don't believe me? then check this DIY here
Get it HERE

Mom jeans anyone? Been looking for where to buy a good pair for a while now. i think I just found! So many things I can do with this
Get it HERE

This two piece set is goo for when you wanna dress up but don't want to dress up at the same time. It creates a nice, chic balance. And the good part is that it can be worn separately too
Get it HERE

Since I'm taken by embroidery, why not go for embroidered sneakers too
Get it HERE

Isn't this heel not the most beautiful of them all? All the amazing things I could do with this sling back heel mehn!
Get it HERE

Mules!!! I love them. Yet to get a pair though
Get it HERE
Thank you for reading today's post. Are there any pieces you loved too? 
Please don't forget to check out ROMWE, they stock beautiful, chic and affordable pieces

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  1. I love the blush bag too
    And the tees i definitely need them, in different colors sef
    Nice one ��������

    1. The blush bag is my best! The tee I am definitely getting.
      Thanks for stopping by dear

  2. Love all these beautiful pieces! I like your blog, I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!


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