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Friyay!!! Welcome to my little space on the internet. How have you all been? The struggle is real mehn, but we shall pull through by God's grace. 

 Remember the Adire Buba that made it's debut appearance on the blog here?, well it's back again and this time in a more casual form. I have paired it with distressed shorts and a pair of white sneakers. My hair was very rough so I face-caped it (trick 101: when hair is rough, just cap it๐Ÿ˜‰). Thank me for this trick in the comment section, lol.

 Let's just dive into how much this look costs shall we. The Buba was a gift from le boo so N0. The shorts was thrifted for just N500, the facecap costs N500, the sunnies cost N500 and the sneakers cost N2800. So that's N3300 for the entire look. Girl shoot me an ✋. Talk about fashion on a budget!

I wore this for my trip to Idanre Hills which I will be releasing a post for very soon. Stay tuned. 

 Outfit DetailsBuba: Custom made 
Shorts: Thrift 
Sneakers: Obalende market
Facecap: Randon buy
Sunnies: Obalende Market 

Do you like this post? do you want more post on budget fashion? how else would you have rocked African print casually?

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to see you agin

  2. Total babe! Love the look. Ps scarves and turbans work as well on bad hair

    1. Sure, scarves and turbans also work wonders. Thanks for your comment darl

  3. Loove the adire shirt, the fabric is definitely making a comeback. Le boo made a smart choice. Love the photos too.

    Princess Audu


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