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Ikogosi Warmsprings: A Tale of Two Wives

12:15Lade Ibikunle

Growing up, I have always heard about this mysterious place where cold and warm water meet but do not mix. As the skeptic that I am, I just thought people exaggerate these things but visiting the warmspring live and direct, I have a whole new narrative!

Ikogosi warmspring is located in the serene town of Ikogosi, Ekiti state, Nigeria. The warmspring has the potential of becoming a great tourist attraction for this country if only the government will pay more attention to that place and all our tourist sites in general. You would not believe that this resort has not had light for 2 years. I mean PHCH electricity. They run on generator to cater to visitors. And the generator comes up at 7pm (depending on your negotiating power with the manager) and goes off at 7am!  just so sad! but let's move on into other fun stuff shall we?

From the entrance of the resort, it does not look like life exists inside. For a second a contemplated if we were in the right place cos the pictures I had in my head from all the stories I have heard and read about did not match what was currently in front of me! but a few more steps into the main arena had me a little impressed. 

The resort is surrounded by such lush greenery and what particular caught my eye were the mini-chalets built along the steeps. Such beauty!

Ikogosi Warm Spring, Where Warm And Cold Water Flows
There are two major myths surrounding the existence of this warmspring one of  which (and the most popular) is that that the warm and cold water were two wives of a great hunter. Stories have it that these wives were usually at logger heads with each other and on one of such altercation, the temperamental wife turned to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to cold spring. Some African magic sh*t right? So stupid. Why will you be angry and then turn yourself to water? Mchew...

The other myth has it that a powerful hunter was going about hunting when he discovered the warmspring and he went about to town to inform everyone about it and since then, they started to worship the spring.

The warmspring maintains a temperature of  70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence. The people of Ikogosi also believe that the water has therapeutic powers and the water is clean enough to be drunk directly from source which is where Gossy bottled water gets its content

Image result for gossy water

I can go on and on describing this gift of nature but the true experience is in you visiting for yourself. And if you need someone to plan the trip for you, holla at Funmi of TVP adventures who does a fab job at organizing these kind of things.

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  1. OHHHHHHH. So calming. You make me want to visit Ekiti. Great job!


    1. You should visit dou. Definitely worth it
      Thanks for stopping by dear. Cheers


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