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Styling DIY H-Back Tank & Choker | Just Do it

11:04Lade Ibikunle

There are times in our lives that situation requires us to try something new or go out of our comfort zone but then we hold back and that's understandable. I mean this is an uncharted territory you are trying to ply and you're thinking to yourself 'why don't I stay where I currently am?' I mean the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know! what if what's on the other side is not any better? and you just begin to think about all of these things and if you have a mind like mine, you probably just overthink the situation and ultimately give up or settle for less.

 This is just to encourage you today that if you've really thought about it and in your mind you know that where you are is not where you're supposed to be, then move, try something new, explorer. Do not let the fear of the unknown deprive you of something big, something glorious, on the other side.

 I know they say the grass is not always greener on the other side but you never know till you check! And then most importantly, seek the face of God. God can never do you wrong, He can never push you to a place that would bring about your downfall. So seek God's counsel,  ask for His direction and don't let anything stop you! don't let anyone stop you! don't let your current account balance stop you. 

Numb all negative thoughts and literally venture to this thing that you feel strongly about and you will be allright. You don't want to think back wondering and regretting why you did not make the move! So, JUST DO IT!

Outfit Deets
Top: DIY
Shorts: Thrift
Sandal: Faaji Footwear
Sunnies: Market Buy
Face Cap: Market Buy
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  1. Beautiful outfit! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  2. Those hot pants are super sexy and the chocker is cute.

    1. Thanks dearie. Just visted your blog now, Loove it!!!

  3. I love the creativity. I love my DIYs.'
    Looking cute in the casual outfit.

    1. DIYs are a thing for me. Really love them.
      Thanks for the show of love darling


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