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All The Latest Trends in One Dress Ft Shein

11:10Lade Ibikunle

When I got a PR mail from SHEIN for a blogger colab opportunity, I was beyond ecstatic. I have been secretly stalking this site for a long time now with a few pieces in my cart. SHEIN is an online store that offers affordable, trendy styles catering to  classy, effortlessly cool and chic young women

I was sent a link to pick an item and I was so confused. Everything looked so beautiful and I wished I could just have them all but it is how it is. Just as my frustration (the good type) was almost reaching its boiling point, I found the perfect dress. The thing about this dress  is that embodies all the latest trends, from off-shoulder to cut-outs, to stripes, to slit, to flounce, the list goes on...what else does a girl want mbok?

I got the dress in my hands in 2 weeks which was so impressive knowing that this dress flew all the way from Hong Kong (even some of our Nigerian delivery services can't boast of that). The material feels really good, it hung in all the right places and fit me perfectly and above all, I look like a queen in this dress. Gadem!

I was going for a summery styling, so I paired the dress with my sister's nude&gold detailed slippers and a black& gold cross body purse

I got my bow right this time 👏
Outfit Deets
Dress: SHEIN (Shop Here)
Slippers; Random market buy

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine and HONEST*

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