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How to Achieve This Fulani Inspired Bantu Knot Hairstyle

13:33Lade Ibikunle

Wazap people, long time no hair post. The challenge really is that there's usually no one to take pictures of me while I style my hair and I don't have the necessary setup for video making so...yeah

Anyways, with this style, I just took pictures with my phone (asin selfie style) and I'm sure it will suffice. This fulani hairstyle thing is the latest wave and I thought I could switch it up a little with bantu knots using kinky hair. Without without further ado, let's get into the tutorial

What You'll Need
  • Any kinky textured hair of your choice
  • Rat tail comb
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Tiny ribber bands
  • Beads and other hair accessories.
Kindly ignore my chirped nail polish🙈

Step 1
Section your hair in bits and secure it with the rubber bands till you have completely gone round your hair. Do not forget to leave out some hair by the sides for the fulani insert

Step 2
Prepare your kinky hair to start braiding.
Step 3
Start to braid each section till you get to wear your natural hair ends then drop. Do this till you cover your entire head. Also weave the sides of the hair your left out earlier. Another alternative to weaving the sides is to simple do box braids.

Step 4
Start to roll each strand against itself
Step 5
Accessorize as desired

Rock! Rock Rock!

After a few days, I switched up the style by loosening the knots and packed it donut style 😉
This style is very easy to make and cost almost nothing. 
Hair N2000
3 packs of accessories N300

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you have any question in the comment section. Enjoy!!!

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  1. This is soo nice, love how easy it is and affordable too. Will definitely give it a shot

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I've not always been a fan of doing my hair by myself because it always end up looking messy lol. But, this post made it look so simple and easy. I'm tempted to try it out already.

    1. Awww, glad I was able to change your mind. Thanks dear

  4. Y'all who make your hair yourselves are the real MVP ooo! I'm currently the Fulani inspired hairstyle though I opted for "Shuku" this is totally nice. Yasss to easy protective styling.

    1. Yes girl. Superwoman tins! I did not want to do the shuku style cos of my hairline

  5. This looks really easy to make.

    I am always in for anything easy that helps save money.

    1. it is really easy trust me and you are right about saving money

  6. Loving this hairstyle!

  7. only that i plan to cut my hair but I'm definitely trying this out as soon as my hair length would permit me


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