My First Product Shot Experience

17:21Lade Ibikunle

When Lean café sent me a brief (more like whatsapp message) to do product shots for four of her parfait flavors, I was so excited ehn. I had watched a ton of photography tutorial including products shot photography and I have been longing to do a proper official product shot for brands just so I can put to work all these knowledge I have amassed. I will be sharing with you my experience while doing this shoot and some behind scene photos

The first thing I did after I got the brief was to visualize my set. I decided a white-themed set was best for this shoot. The thing about white-themed background is that your products pop against it, atleast as far as I know. I am not an expert at these things and that is why this is my personal experience J
Creating the set

Next thing was props. Since this shoot was for parfait, I used general parfait ingredients like granola, datepalm, chooped fruit, spoon etc. Also threw in some petals and normal flowers.

Next thing was to set my camera and shoot, shoot, shoot! I depended heavily on natural light as I do not have artificial lights (No, I did not use my camera flash).

This is not a photography tutorial so I'm gonna stop here. I am looking forward to other product shot. Enjoy the finished photos

How did I fair guys, let me know in the comment section

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  1. Lade, the images are eye candies... So lovely.. 😍

    BTW I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award
    Check my blog for details

    1. Hey darling, thanks you so much for the nomination. Really appreciate it

  2. Hey Lade. The pictures turned out quite well for this shot. I like that you included some background footage into this post. Well done, and keep it up :)

    I have a new post up on my blog, check it you :)

    1. Hi Seun, thank you so much. Glad you like it
      I'll def check it out

  3. I've looked at this image so long, you're the real MVP

  4. The photos came out so well. You really did good! Nice


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