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Hopping on The Athleisure Trend

15:23Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys! how are you all doing??? I am so happy about today's post cos this is a trend I have wanted to hop on for the longest time. The ATHLEISURE TREND! 
Everyone is wearing their workout clothes all day now and to be honest, I'm not mad at it because now more than ever, our busy and hectic lives demand comfortable clothes. Athleisure is the new casual especially when you know how to combine fashion and function.

Athleisure is a nice hybrid of business casual and athletic wear. And did you know 'Athleisure' has now been added to the dictionary? Fashion is a powerful force I tell you. This is a trend that has come to come to stay especially for me!

This nice set was sent to me from the good people at ROMWE  (Remember our first collab here) and I immediately knew how I was gonna style it from the first day I set my eyes on it. I have paired it with a mustard heeled sandal and finished off the look with this fab eyewear. I could totally rock this to work, the airport, lunch dates, etc. And another good this about this set is that I can decide to style them separately๐Ÿ‘Œ

ROMWE does ship to Nigeria so you might want to visit their site and check out other trendy and chic pieces they have.

Outfit Deets
Top and Trouser: ROMWE (Shop Here)
Shoes: Shoe Republic
Sunnies: Market Buy (Obalende)

In other news, my blog is one year!!! (on the 24th of this month to be precise)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ . So thankful for the growth so far and extremely grateful to you guys for walking this path with me. Thank you for your reads, your comments and even your silent support. Could not have done it without you. A blogversary is DEFINITELY happening so stay tuned. MUAH ๐Ÿ˜˜

Thanks for reading loves. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. The shoes are lovely.
    I've been hopping to try on this trend for a while now but haven't been able to find the perfect piece to wear.
    Will surely check out the shopping site.Thank you!

    1. Hey darling, thanks for stopping by. Do check them out

  2. Love it! Never thought grey and mustard could work. I'm pleasantly surprised.

    I've been planning an athleisure post for the longest time. I hope I finally get around to it.

    1. Thanks Thonia. Abi o, who would have thought grey and mustard could be best friends. Please get around the post so I can see how you style it!

  3. I was made fir this trend. I am such a lazy dresser and I always fall back to comfort clothes. Your shoes are everything!!
    Surviving the Nigerian Police

    1. Me and you same! Thanks dear. Glad you liked the post

  4. Ah, loving this look - what a great way to mix casual and fabulous! ;)

  5. You definitely nailed this trend!! Love the pop of color with the shoes

  6. I like your outfit. Please what's the site for shoe republic. Or how can I contact them?

  7. Hi Anon, I got then on either Jumia or Konga. So you can search for it there


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