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How to Shop on a Budget

16:58Lade Ibikunle

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Hey guys! welcome back to my blog. My 2 posts per week has been consistent for about 4 weeks now, yaaaaay! Wait did I just jinx it?😕 

Today's post is all about how to slay on a budget. These tips have helped me over the years and I thought to share them with you. You know I gatchu all. Let's get into it.

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Look for websites and shops that are on sales. Sometimes, these sales even go as low as 80%. You will be buying a dress that usually sells at N10,000 for N2000 *insert blink gif*. And once its on sale, buy more than one cos it will pain you to go back there and find it expensive. Thank me later

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You all know I love DIYs. I DIY my hair, clothes, makeup (asin dupes), basically everything I know I can save money on. Catch some of my DIYs here, herehere, and here

THRIFT (second hand)
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Yes, thrift! Don't even give me that eye!. Someone has worn it before so? When you go to your friend's wardrobe to take her dress, has she not worn it before too? So what's the difference?. Plus you really do not need to buy thrifted clothes. It can be bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

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I love coupons. I look forward to it especially on International sites. Coupon is not so big in Nigeria (because I think Nigerian brands are stingy but that's a story for another day). I use to get this 'We miss you' coupon from Konga and Jumia and i always make sure to use them whenever I get them. They will send me N3000 coupon when I shop for goods for up to N10,000. The day they stopped sending those coupons, they lost me 😜 Yeah, I'm a bargain hunter like that!

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I especially look out for this when I'm shopping on international sites. I means who wants to be paying such ridiculous shipping fee for just one item. Nah bruv. These stores will usually put their 'Free Shipping' promotion up on their social media pages or send it to your inbox if you are on their email list so be on the lookout. Also sites like Aliexpress, Jumia, Konga, etc have a 'free shipping' box check, so once it's ticked, just know everything you are browsing will be be shipped to you for FREEEEEEEE

That's it guys. I hope you got a thing or two this read. Got any other tip on how to shop/slay on a budget, leave in the comment section below


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  1. Lots of great tips here - many of these I do use myself a lot! Namely sales, coupons and free delivery... every little helps!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you found this useful. Thanks for stopping by


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