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My 'Nothing to Wear' Outfit +Tips & Tricks

10:57Lade Ibikunle

Woman that has never said 'I have nothing to wear', is that one a woman?

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Like every other woman on the face of the earth, I too (almost everytime) suffer from the 'I have nothing to wear' syndrome. And that's not because I do not have a wardrobe full of clothes...not at all, but what I have come to learn after plenty research is that I have stocked my wardrobe with unnecessary pieces or clothes that were on trend at one time and totally obsolete now

To combat this 'Nothing to wear' situation, I have started to Store up on basics. I recently put up a post on 10 basic clothing essentials a girl should have. You might want to read it. You will indeed find it very useful.

Another thing I do is to take screen shots (or save on IG) of looks that I find interesting. This is very useful for when I have no idea what to wear

The Oversized shirt and leggings trick. This works for me all the time. I like to pair this outfit with sandals (heeled or flats) or sneakers and I'm good to go just like I did in this post and this previous post

I am currently wearing this beautiful sandal from BOLDE FEET. Feels so good on the feet. No jokes, it feels like I am walking on expensive cushion (I think was padded with foam or something but whatever it is, I am grateful for it). Lets also not forget how aesthetically pleasing this sandal looks
*shameless ad pluggin there😜*

I hope I have helped you to a large extent. Let me know in the comment section if you have other tips and tricks on how to combat the 'nothing to wear' challenge

Abiodun and her bump interupted my shoot

Outfit Deets
Shirt: Beadorned
Leggings: Can't remember
Sandal: BoldeFeet

Pictures taken with my Samsung S6 Edge. See tips on How To Take Professional Blog Pictures With Your Phone

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