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Styling Tie-Front Shirt For Work

11:20Lade Ibikunle

Hello lovelies! Long time no post huh?. It's actually just a week but thats even long enough. So sorry about that. I am currently on leave from work for 3 weeks (which started last week)and for the first week, I decided to attend a music workshop where I had to tutor a class on how to play the violin.

The work load was plenty and I sure did not have free time to think up blop posts. Infact thinking up captions for Instagram posts sef was such a task. If you are on my Instagram or snapchat, you should be abreast of this situation. And if you are not, what are you waiting for? Find me on @official_lade on IG and Snapchat. Done? Now we can move on.

Today, I'm styling this oversized tie-front shirt and showing you how you can rock it to work. I have had this shirt for the longest time now lost as to how to style it majorly because of it's crop-ish nature. We all know my stomach does not agree with crop for now. lol

So here's the thing. When you are not sure confident about your tummy and you want to rock a crop top, just wear an highwaisted pant/skirt and you are good to go!. 

What the higwaisted fitting does is to cinch in all the tummy fat, lump/ lunch baby to a nice hour glassy shape and instantly give the illussion that your stomach is as flat as a board! use this tip and you will be better for it.

Outfit Deets
Shirt: Chico's
Pant: Thrift (at Eko market)
Sandal: Thrift (at Obalende market)
Frame: Haute Signatures
Bag: Gift

For this outfit, I paired the tie-front shirt with my highwaisted navy blue pants, a low-heeled sandal and this cute half circle bag. Let's not forget the nerdy frame prop!

If I was going for a more casual look, I could probably style the shirt with an high-waisted denim skirt or denim pants and I would trade my heels for a pair of sandals, sneakers or cute slides.

And that would be all guys. Hope you enjoyed this post. Kindly leave your thoughts on the styling in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. White shirts on denim always do it for me. Love your shoes dear.

  2. I Love the style of the shirt, it's adding originality and sassy to the outfit !


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