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The Perfect Plaid Skirt

11:18Lade Ibikunle

Hey lovely people. Welcome back to my blog! Hope you have all been doing well since my last post. Yes I am still on leave and this time away from work has afforded me the opportunity to tick some things off my bucket list, one of which is learning how to drive. Don’t judge me guys.
How can a 24 year old (going on 25) not know how to drive you might ask…but I don’t have an answer for you. I have just been postponing and postponing but at least I get to do it know, so progress!

Now that you are pretty my updated on what’s happening in my life, let’s get into the fashion talk. Plaid has a way of refreshing a woman’s look and giving it that edgy streetstyle vibe. It’s a nice staple for making real statement. This stylish pattern appears in different forms from scarfs, pants, skirts, coats, jackets, etc

For today’s post, I have styled my pleated plaid skirt with a simple coral pink blouse which is one of the colors on the plaid pattern. There are however tons of ways you can style your plaid skirt depending on what look you are going for and the weather condition wherever you are.

Skirt: Ailema
Top: E&M fashion
Heels: Random market buy (Obalende)

As of now, I only have 2 plaid patterned skirts but I hope to get more especially in other forms of clothing.

Do you own a plaid skirt? How do you style it? 

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  1. I don't have any plaid skirts in my closet...I need to add it to my shopping list. I'm sure thrift stores will have it for great price too.

    I adore your styling of the skirt :)

  2. Beautiful outfit!!

  3. Ur hair looks INCREDIBLE like this. x x


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