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17:00Lade Ibikunle

Once upon a time, I did not give a rat's ass about skincare. What's my business? My own is to have my bath and rub cream. But over recent times plus old age setting in (lol), I have come to realize that my skin needs to be well taken care of and I actually like doing it now. Makes me feel like some rich celeb. I try my best to do this every night and kindly note that this routine is different from my treatment routine which I do every 2 weeks.

Let's get into the routine shall we?

Step 1: Makeup Remover
First thing I do is to take off my makeup with Pears Baby Oil. I feel oils break down makeup a little more gently than baby wipes or makeup wipes and it  leaves my face soft and moisturized. (Sells for about N600-N1000)

Step 2: Face Wash
Next thing I do is to wash my face with Dudu Osun Soap. I mean, this is my bathing soap so as I wash my body, I was my face too. There are times I skip this step though. (Sells for N200-N250)
Image result for dudu osun
Step 3: Foam Cleanse
Then I move on to further cleanse my face with with Miniso Oil Control Facial Cleanser. I only started using this product and I love it so far. The lather consistency gives my face a good cleanse. (sells for N990)

Step 4: Toner/Deep Cleanse
Moving on to Palmer's Skin Success Deep Cleansing Facial Astringent. Astringent helps in improving the skin's appearance by minimizing pores and drying up oily skin. I use this in place of toner because they do almost the same thing. (Sells for N1200)

Step 5: Oils
The second to the last thing I do is apply Sedoil Coconut Oil to my skin. I have only started using this for about two weeks now and I'm loving it so far. The oil just sinks into my skin without making it look overly oily (get what I mean?). Pictured below is a sample size but the 250ml sells for N1500 and 750ml sells for N3500. (Buy Here)

Step 6: Night Cream
Last thing I do is to moisturize my face with the Nivea Soft Moisturizer. the smell of this product is amazinggggggg

Extra Step
I never go to bed without applying lip balm/gloss on my lips. I like to wake up to soft supple lips. Try it

What are your nightime skincare routine. Do you think it's absolutely unnecessary? Leave thoughts in the comment section


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  1. Wow I do have oily skin I would sure take these tips to heart

  2. Aunty lade lol..although a new fan of yours I'm already a big one...I want to know if the Palmer's skin success deep cleansing astringent acts as a cleanser or a toner? What's even the difference between a cleanser and a toner? Thanks

    1. Hi Iretiola. Thank yous so much for visiting. The Palmer's skin success deep cleansing astringent acts as a toner for me. A cleanser is what i will use to clean my face or remove my makeup. Then a toner is to remove the rather hidden dirt and oil in the skin and also to close my pores and even out my skin tone. Toners also help to control oil production on your face. So i will say toners take cleansing about 10 steps higher! Hope this answers your questions


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