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Blogversary Giveaway!!!

17:46Lade Ibikunle

Hello guys! Welcome back from the long holidays. Barka de Sallah (in areas) to all my Muslim friends. Kindly note that I am still expecting my Sallah meat from you all so just slide into my DM for delivery info okay?

This holiday was so lit for me. I spent it in Benin Republic and people I had massive fun. Cant wait to share my experience with you all. And the style shoots I had there, Fayahhhhhhh

As I promised in my last post, there will be a one year blogversary giveaway (applause). But before I get into the details on how to win, I have a very exciting news to share with you. *drum roll*

This could not have come at a better time and I am extremely thankful to God and you guys for making this possible. What a way to end the first year of Lades's Blog. So guys, head on to Bella Naija to read the full interview and leave your comments there (let them know I have a real family here, too deep?) lol

Back to the giveaway because I know that's why we are here

I will be giving away this Rebel strapped sandal that I have only worn 3 times (two of which was for photoshoot) so technically, I have worn it once! Size 39/40

I will also be giving away this stripped white and blue summer dress in size (6/8)
Here's a picture of how the dress looks on the model
How to Win

  • Follow me on Instagram and Twitter
  • Leave in the comment section what you would like to win and why (also drop your email and social media handles)
  • Open to everyone in Nigeria
Winners will be announced on the 15th of September, 2017. Goodluck guys!

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  1. Firstly congratulations once more on your exciting news of BNFRO

    So...don't know if I'll be lucky to have the dress cause I'm not on twitter��,but I follow on instagram

    And why the dress? It will fit in well and it's my size


    1. Thanks for your interest in this giveaway. You need to tell me your social handles for this entry to be valid.

    2. Pls ma, have been trying to drop a comment under your blog but It keeps failing.

    3. Hello ma. I am interested in winning the shoes. Why cos I love hills n it makes me smart when walking cos am tall. N at present I only have black shoe. I want another color. Am already following you on Instagram and Twitter. My email, Instagram, temmy4choice. Twitter, Lydiatemmy1. Facebook, Lydia Temmy. Thanks

    4. Email-
      Instagram- rayhab_g
      Facebook- rayhab garba

    5. Congratulations on your blogversary,smiles..... I know I didn't start with you but am here now we learn everyday and we are opened to new things also..... I would sincerely love to win this beautiful shoe,its size suits mine and again my feet needs a new one right now,it would gladden my heart. Thanks..... Facebook Anita Menkiti Email :Yahoo: Instagram @ahneetar_menkiti, twitter Anita_menkiti,gmail:menkitianita754 Done

  2. Congratulations and God bless you for the kind heart you have to give out what is precious to you. I am not on Twitter but am following on Instagram. I would sincerely love to win the shoe because its my size and I have a perfect dress that would go on it, not only that but because I have just only a black shoe at the moment, reason because ever since my pregnancy my shoe size changed and even after delivery I couldn't wear all my shoes so am beginning to get new shoes which is why I only have one black shoe now. Winning this shoe would really help me in not spending more. Please bless me so I can rock it for my wedding anniversary coming up.
    Instagram handle: @onyinye_kenneth

  3. Congratulations!!!! I read ur interview on bella naija it was amazing and am also following on ur natural hair journey because am also on natural hair. I love the gown because They are appropriate all year long,.Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. They are appropriate for every season.You can wear them anytime. Instagram and twitter ohreeoluwah.. thank u inadvance God bless u

  4. I will love to win this gorgeous and classic shoe because I love it and I don't have any and I need it, will love to rock it on my birthday that's coming up on 29th of this month. Hope the odds of favour fall on me. Happy anniversary more blessings upon . My instagram handle is @mizezinne, Email :

  5. Eromonsele Gloria Onosetale6 September 2017 at 12:07

    First,i say a big Congratulations to you Ma'am..Your Interview on Bella Naija was Amazing,Weldone.
    I would love to win the dress because it's Beautiful,Simple and would really look good on Me..I would love to rock it too...Thank you Ma
    Twitter- eromonsele_o
    IG- _riah__x

  6. Hello @lades blog and congrats on been featured on Bella naija you deserve it anywhere. I would love to win the blue rebel shoe because I have a bridal train duty to perform. We are supposed to use a blue shoe but I don't have ant money to purchase it.The wedding is coming up on the 14th of October this year.I know the shoe will fit me perfectly will be very grateful. Come to think of it who wouldn't love to rock a shoe rocked by the famous blogger. Will be very grateful if given the opportunity. Instagram handle is twitter handle is @chidinma_vix while my gmail is Thanks and anticipating.

  7. Hello. Congratulations ma. Greater heights in Jesus name, amen. As you are giving out to your generation, God will continue to bless you. Amen.
    I am interested in winning the shoes. Why, cos I love hills n it makes me smart when walking cos am tall. And at Present, I only have a black shoe.I want another color. I would be glad if this becomes mine. Already following you on Instagram and Twitter. My email, Instagram, temmy4choice, twitter, Lydiatemmy1. Facebook, Lydia Temmy. Thanks.

  8. I would love to win this gorgeous shoes, why? They would bring out the color in my eyes... Lol just kidding. I'd love to win them because they are gorgeous, stylish and classy and they are my size. I've followed both on Instagram and twitter. IG handle- mzz_incredible. Twitter handle- _moneeka_ email I really hope love shines on me. By the way thanks so much for the giveaway and God bless you.

  9. Hardwork pays...congratulations on success ma'am..More to come your way IJN..
    I'd love to win that shoe so as for me to rock ny dress,,it's such a classy and beautiful shoe..
    Am @oluwayettygold on Instagram and @Fajobi Ruqayyah Yetunde on twitter..
    May God continue to enrich and enlarge your coast

  10. I would really love to win the dress. I have a wedding in Lagos rocking it to the reception will be the perfect. Well that will be my first time in Lagos. gmail instagram username - adenife18 twitter-niifeemi18

  11. Congrats on your journey so far. The interview on Bella naija was great. I'll soon be an addict of this blog. I'll love to win the dress because it will fit my small stature very well and I can wear it almost anywhere. Thanks so much. You have a fan already.
    I'm not on twitter. My ig handle is oyoupcomingmua and email is

  12. I want to win the dress because its beautiful and it will fit me perfectly

  13. As a preggo, i see myself and my cute baby bump, bumping around flawlessly in that dress.#iWantthedress
    Btw, great blog and lovely posts.

  14. I will like to win the heel Coz I don't have a reasonable heel at the moment, I really wish to win this and wear to church on Sunday. Size 40
    Instagram user name @tholucci
    Twitter @pholarkhemi
    Gmail @
    God bless you.

  15. Hiya. I am Interested in winning the dress cus I am a size 6 and I have been wanting a dress like that. I know it will fit perfectly. Thank you
    IG _damss_
    Twitter damilolabolaji5
    Your blog and your IG page is really cool and I ensure I follow up well with your post
    I am really impressed at how far you have come. God bless you

  16. ...and the shoe is my perfect size. Who wouldn't want a beautiful shoe for her birthday gift. It would just be the perfect birthday present. I can't wait to rock it. Thanks in anticipation.
    Twitter: mz_phunmike
    Instagram: mz_phunmike
    Facebook: Olufunmike Ogundare.

  17. Hey, congrats on your blogversary!!!!����������
    Oh my God!!!I would love to win this dress and shoe because they look so amazing and cute and they are my perfect size!!!! My birthday is coming up on wednesday (13th september) and you don't know what you'll do to me if you give me this. I hardly get gifts so this, this, would make my whole year!!!I might even wear it everyday����. I can't over emphasize how much i love and want this. Please make me the happiest girl!!i don't win giveaways so literally this would make me soo happy��
    By the way, you're totally amazing��
    Twitter: mc_tippa
    Instagram: mc_shelle

  18. I should have commented a long way back but my network kept on failing me. I will really want to congratulate you MA. I will actually want to win this giveaway because the clothe n heel is so nice, the colours are perfect, they are both my size and will fit me perfectly. Am really hopeful in winning this.


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