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Guide to Having a Nice Time in Benin Republic

13:58Lade Ibikunle

My wanderlust venom took me to Benin Republic during the last Sallah break and boy I enjoyed myself to the fullest. Benin Republic is actually the first 'international' country I will ever visit (lol). This post is a guide to how you can you can have a nice time when you decide to go to Benin Republic!

Get your Passport and Yellow Card
If you want to avoid any form of wahala or paying extra money at the border, make sure your Passport and Yellow are up-to-date! You can get your yellow card at Port Health office at along International Airport Road. Go along with a photocopy of your passport bio page and N1,000. This process takes 30 minutes max. And your passport should be gotten at any Immigration office.
Seme Border

Lodge at Casa Del Papa
The Casa Del Papa Resort is located in Ouidah, Benin Republic and personally, its one of the most beautiful resorts I have seen so far. Clean beach, warm hospitality, great views on both the ocean and the lagoon front, beautiful chambers (particularly love the yellow colors), beautiful pool area, nice restaurant/bar setup, and yes, they have wifi! A very great place to relax and also access interesting tourist sites in the town. Let me allow the pictures to do the rest of the talking

Give your arm a nice work out with the Kayaking facility available when you lodge at Casa Del Papa. Beautiful experience. You will love it

Visit the Python Temple and Try on a Snake
I can't even believe I am saying this because I hate/fear snakes. I cringe at the sight of ordinary worms. But guess what, I visited the snake temple and tried on a snake. It was a scary-fun experience for me, it can be for you too

I was so scared initially

But a girl had to be courageous

Visit the Point of No Return
There are actually 6 slave points leading to the point of no return each with a unique story of how slaves were treated in the time past. You need to do this #Fortheculture

Visit Ganvei Lake Village 'The Venice of Africa'
Ganvei is a lake village with about 30,000 population all of whom live on water. They have Churches, Mosques, Schools, Houses, Markets and even Hotels. Such a sight to behold

Visit the Craft Market
You know your trip is not complete without the local souvenirs. How else will people know your traveled. Lol.

Just Take Every Thing In

Ever been to Benin Republic? Where did you visit and what was the highlight of your trip? Do leave links to your travel posts if you are a blogger

I went with a tour group called TVP ADVENTURES. A few of the trips I have had were planned by them, like this , this, this and so many more

Pictures that are not watermarked were taken by Racheal

Thanks for reading to the end, I know it was a long post but I'm sure you enjoyed it, yeah?

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