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How I Edit My Instagram Photos With Free Apps | Giveaway Winners

14:33Lade Ibikunle

Up until two days ago, I still got a message asking how I edit my Instagram photos and what app(s) I use. Let's just trash this once and for all you all. Without further ado, let's get into it

Before we get into the editing tutorial proper, there are some things you have to do
  • Make sure your pictures are clear, good lighting, good back ground, sharp photo, etc. 
  • Settle on an Instagram theme. I like crisp, white background but you can choose what you want. Colorful theme, pink theme, grey theme, etc. Whatever you decide to choose, just make sure you stick with it!
Let's edit shall we?

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be working with this unedited photo taken with my Samsung S6 edge. 

First thing I do is Whiten My Background With AirBrush App
Airbrush is free guys and it has the whiten feature which every blogger craves (isn't this the best thing after sliced bread?). It also has other features like smooth, undereye brightening, acne removal, etc but I don't use those sha. You can download it on Google app, not sure about Iphone cos I don't own one

Here's the photo after whitening

Next thing I do is to import my whitened photo into the Snapseed app (You can download it on Google apps and Apple store).

This is where majority of my edits happen. I use the 'Tune image' tool to adjust my highlight, shadows, contrast and brightness. 

Still on Snapseed, I go to the brush tool to add a little bit of saturation to select areas of the image (mostly my face and outfit). That is why my outfit stays colourful and the background white/

Next, I go to the 'Enhance' tool to smoothen the image and also add clarity to my eye.

Last and very crucial step is to go to my 'Details' tool to sharpen my photo. Your photo would have lost a considerable amount of sharpness while moving around apps so you need to pump it right back, VERY IMPORTANT!

That's all guys. Now that my secret is out, hope you are all happy. Lol. Here's a before and after of the photo.

Kindly note that I am very happy with myself with or without the edit. This is majorly done for feed sake and I am very happy with myself the way I am. You should too.

Thank you all for participating in my blogversary giveaway, everybody deserved to win so much so that I had to spin a wheel to decide the winner (check out the process on my instastory ).

The Shoe winner is ASAJU TOLULOPE!!! and
The Dress winner is RAHAB GARBA. Congratulations guys, kindly look out for my message in you inbox or DM!

Thank you for reading guys, let's do this again next time 😘

Snapseed made some changes to the app so a few things have changed including names of some tools.

First up, this is  what the interface looks like when you open the app and you have to import a picture before you see the tools.

After importing the picture, you'll find the 'Tools' button below.

The 'Enhance' tool has been renamed to Portrait! That's about it! 

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  1. Yayyyy,thank you, I love your blog,it kept be glued 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. I would try this too. I really don't always get the whiten effect, I just hope iPhone has it now I miss my Samsung

  3. This is pretty detailed. I didn't even know Snapseed had the skin smoothening feature. I'm definitely trying it out soon.

  4. Definitely trying this

    1. Thanks for stopping by mami. Glad you found this helpful

  5. I already downloaded these apps.... using them is not as interesting tho. I'd follow these steps,play around and then settle. Thanks Lade!


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