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25 Birthday Wishes & Prayers as I Turn 25

13:59Lade Ibikunle

25th birthday might not mark a major milestone compared to 16, 18, 30, 50 or 100, but it's still as important being that it's the quarter century of life. Plus if you are an unmarried 25 year old Nigerian lady, you will agree with me that it's hella important. But I'm just here living the baby girl life and enjoying every moment as it comes. Grateful to God for the journey so far

This post is going to be very short as I have to attend to my phone and my work. So I'm sharing my 25 birthday wishes and prayers

  1. I wish that every single day of my life be joyous.
  2. I wish for a life full of success stories.
  3. I wish and pray that my life counts for something.
  4. I pray for all the strength to carry on in the other 4quarters (and more) that are waiting for me.
  5. I pray for a closer walk with God, to know Him and love Him More.
  6. I pray for the ability to discern uplifting relationships and avoid toxic ones. Because me I cannot come and be having wrinkles.
  7. I wish for More money, more joy, more smile.
  8. I wish myself the start is a new era of purpose, prosperity and happiness.
  9. I wish for more wisdom.
  10. I for a closet full of beautiful clothes, shoes and bags.
  11. I wish for the entire Fenty beauty collection in my shade.
  12. I wish that people will not just send birthday messages but also ask for my account number to send money and my delivery address to send gifts😜.
  13. I pray for perfect health all the days of my life.
  14. I wish for a face rid of pimples and wrinkles.
  15. I wish for myself a brand new Sony A5100 camera.
  16. I wish for a job that allows me travel the world for free😊.
  17. I wish for myself a brand new car. Does not have to be the expensive one.
  18. I pray for the spirit of humility for when God starts to embarrass me with His blessings
  19. I pray for the grace to continue to Inspire.
  20. I pray for peace in Nigeria.
  21. I pray for all my followers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Bloglovin), you will all be celebrated.
  22. I wish that all the things I bought from Ali Express will get here already!
  23. I wish someone would sponsor a full spa day for me.
  24. I wish for a surprise birthday party. Hopefully my friends are reading this ☺
  25. I wish that all my wishes and dreams come true.

Dress: SHEIN. Shop here
Photos: Olivine Photography
Makeup: Me ( I tried abi?)

Thanks for reading guys. You can leave your birth date in the comment section so I can find my October twin!

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