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DIY Off-Shoulder Sweater X Paper Sack Skirt

13:08Lade Ibikunle

They say it's fall in other parts of the world but what's Nigeria's business with that?. We only have two seasons as far as I'm concerned, rainy season and dry season! And lately, its been very rainy and cold in Lagos which is what has inspired this look.

I will be talking about how you can incorporate sweaters into your everyday look in these rainy days.

Opt for one with a loose neckline. In as much as its' cold in the morning, it can get hot in the afternoon. so you don;t want to get stuck. You can also DIY the sweater into an off-shoulder like I did. Basically use a sharp scissors to cut around the neckline.

Wear with a tight fitting bottom and find way to cinch in the waist. The fact that you are cold doesn't mean you should hide your figure.

You do not have to wear a blouse underneath. I mean, there's no need for you to look like a stuffed potato.

Wear your heels if you like, especially if its for work.

That's it guys. Hope your enjoyed this post. Let me know how else you will be rocking your sweater this season.

Have a great week 😘

Pictures were taken with my Samsung S6 edge

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  1. Nice blog post ma'am, rainy and sunny season,the shoes lol,I need red shoes in my life tho as per favorite colour,you're really having fun in those pictures let me come and join you in Abeokuta na never been to olumo rock and it hurts,its good you love new adventures and like to explore too������

  2. U look great! U have really nice lips. ;) x xx

  3. Very crisp photos for a phone! Loving the color of the skirt

    Blvck Bee


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