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My Trip to Olumo Rock | Visual Diary

18:16Lade Ibikunle

I was at Abeokuta last weekend with le boo to visit the very popular Olumo Rock and I loved every bit of it. Olumo Rock is located in Ikija, Abeokuta (which means 'under the rock'), in Ogun State. Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during inter-tribal wars in the 19th century. From the top of the rock, they could monitor their enemies advancing and strike accordingly.

For this post, I want the pictures to speak for themselves and not bore you with plenty talk. So let's get into it shall we?

So, here is the view from when you enter the gate. The building to the left is the elevator they build for those who don't want to do the actual rock climbing. However, it wasn't working because they don't have fuel to run on generator.

 Quick picture before we start shall we?

Here is the view of the city on the 2nd level of the rock 

 Rock, Rock. Apparently, the rock formation on this big rock is supposed to look like a pregnant woman. Do you see it?

 I'm sure I was uploading a Snapchat video or something.

Quick picture stop

Then we move.

So this is a shrine where people come to make sacrifices and pray. On the door are remnant feathers from previous sacrifices. Only two priests are allowed inside the chamber.

This was the hideout place. The'll eat, cook, sleep, etc right here

Smile for the camera!

More climbing

Trust me, this climbing no easy o. But if I could do Erin Ijesha, then this was surely child's play

Lol, we were feeling ourselves

This part was so scary partly because the iron bridge did not feel too strong. This place actually gave me Lekki Conservation Vibez.

The 'almost there' picture

I had to crawl through the rock at some point.

Yes, I made it! Victory

Wait, let me get my shades

Ok, now I'm ready

The infamous peace sign

Pictures of rock from the top

Went back down through the staircase here

The Water Fountain

Fine Print
  1. Bus fare from Lagos to Abeokuta is about N700 or less depending on where you are departing from. From their you take a cab to Olumo.
  2. You will be required to pay an entrance fee of N700.
  3. You will also have to pay N500 to N1000 for your camera, depending on your negotiating power.
  4. There are usually tour guides at the foot of the rock ready to take you on. They do not ask for money but then you'll pay them a token according to how fat your pocket is. These guides also double as your cameramen.
  5. Make sure to wear very comfortable clothes and shoes with good grip. I repeat, make sure your shoes have enough grip.
  6. You might want to hold some money to buy arts stuff. I do not have pictures from the art gallery because pictures are forbidden, but they have okay stuff.
  7. Buy water before yo climb. You will need it.
  8. Have fun!!!
Thank guys for reading to the end. Share your experience of Olumo Rock if you have visited and make sure to leave links if you have it documented somewhere.


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  1. Awwww....You guys look awesome together..

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  3. So beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ I'm adding this to my bucket list of places to visit. And you guys are making me *clears throat* ๐Ÿšถ

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