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My LFDW Experience As a Newbie + Big Announcement

10:40Lade Ibikunle

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I have been wanting to post this since Monday but work will not let me be great. If you follow me on any of my Social Media, you will already know that I attended the 2017 Lagos Fashion And Design Week and yes, it was my first time! So I thought to, actually you guys decided (on my IG Poll) that I do a post about my general experience. So here it goes

I got to the venue at about 4:30pm (early bird) and I was ushered into the outer marque where some fashion business series was going on. The lecture/seminar was so borinnnnnnnnng! Attendees had faces like they were waka-pass in a mourning scene. I really don't know about other series for the other days o but the one I met literally saddened me. I just had to escape to THE CREATIVE LOUNGE, which brings me to my next point.

The creative lounge is a small, carved out space in the marque for content creators, bloggers, vloggers, creatives to literally lounge. They had comfortable sofas, and unlimited snacks all laid out on the table. It was also a place for creatives to meet themselves and exchange ideas, plans, numbers. I later heard they even had free wifi there sef. Not everyone had access to this lounge though, you needed to have registered online to get in. 

Let me commend the organizers for picking this venue! Such a lovely space to take everyone including your cars. The long stretch of road already gives the vibe of streetstyle and makes for good photo spots! Before now, LFDW had always taken place at Federal Palace Hotel.

I love love the streetstyle experience! The venue was buzzing with different people in their different o streetstyle outfit! There were some crazy ones sha but at the end of the day, its self expression right? Madness!

The show did not start on time! It was a shocker for me but regular LFDW attendees were not fazed by this at all because they have come to accept it like that.

There were unnecessary breaks in between the showcases and Nigerians have no decorum at all. Some were walking on the runway when models were walking o. And one man in the front row was smoking right during the show! I was just weak. 

Al in all, I had a really nice time and I would definitely be attending subsequent ones and hopefully attend all days.

I made a short video which you can watch below!

On to the big announcement. I was nominated by you all for 2017 Eloy Awards Female Blogger! What??? I'm actually still in shock. This is the first time I'm being nominated for anything at all and i owe it all to God and you guys. thank you so much.

But we have one more thing to do to make this final. Yeah, vote! Kindly log on to Eloy Awards to vote for me and other ladies in other categories or text 'ELOY LADE IBIKUNLE' to 35070. Thank you 😘
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don't forget to leave your comments. Love you all

All Picture and videos were shot with my phone (Samsung S6 edge).

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  1. Lovely. Awesome post. You always and everly look beautiful. Congrats on your nomination. We winning this. Always and forever your biggest fan. Msmh����...

  2. Actually lfdw takes place at federal palace, not eko hotel and I honestly hated this venue. It was so by and made everywhere look so scanty. It honestly wasn't the usual fashion week vibes. If you had attended any of the previous ones, you'd understand what I mean.

    But hey! Congrats!!!

    1. I guess I have nothing to compare this with. But I few people I talked to also said they prefer this venue. We just didn't have enough people to fill up the space I guess.

      Thanks darling

  3. Looks like you had a great time - loving this look, especially the rd bag!

    Congrats on your nomination also!


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