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The Beret Trend | Staying True To Yourself

13:26Lade Ibikunle

It's ok for certain people not to like you in fact, if everybody likes you then there's a problem. People just like to like the idea of what they like in a person and if they don't see it in you you automatically become their enemy. But you shouldn't feel bad when this happens, you should not let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself. Staying true to yourself is very important, as important as existing. Below are a few pointers on how to stay true to you

  • Stop comparing yourself to other people be your genuine self. 
  • Listen to the advice of others, but make up your own mind. Because someone has an articulated criticism of you does not mean they are right.
  • Recognize, and develop your unique talents.
  • Be yourself, because everyone is already taken. And know that being 'different' is a gift and very cool.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Stop waiting for someone else to make you happier.

Outfit details
Top: SGTC Clothing
Pants: Romwe. Shop Here
Shoes: Any Shoe 5k
Purse: My Cousin's wardrobe
Beret: Street Vendor
Shades: Street Vendor
Dipo disrupted my shoot but we created this nice shot!
To tie it all in, pay attention to yourself and let your inner self align with your outward expression because only then will you find true happiness. Get it? yeah!

I wore this outfit for SGTC clothing's one year anniversary and I knew I had to wear a beret to add extra pizzazz to the entire outfit. I think I looked great, what do you think?
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All photos taken by Sossa Sticks with my Nikon D 3100 and edited by me.

Thanks for reading 😘
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  1. I really love the beret but I don't know if I can get with it. Maybe cause I was forced to wear it practically everyday in secondary school. Awesome tips, great
    YouTube|| Exploring Ogbunike cave

    1. Thanks for reading darling. So sorry about your secondary school beret scaring. But it shouldn't stop you from rocking a trend so nice

  2. I love the beret also. I would have only thought to pair it with a casual outfit but your choice was excellent. I agree that happiness can only be achieve from within first.

  3. Knowing our self worth can not be over stressed especially in this day and age where it's so hard to fall into the comparison trap, it hard though. But the point about surrounding our selves with positive people is key. Also being thankful for the little blessing help too. I love the simplicity of this look but most especially the trousers. I hope to join the beret trend soon.

    Princess Audu

    1. Everything you said is so apt! Ofcourse you like the trousers! Culottes queen

  4. Hey love congratulations, I love your blog


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